Dwelling in Hope

James Faulconer


Obviously hope is central to Christian understanding. Pauline and post-Pauline New Testament writings understand hope as hope in the resurrection of Christ, made manifest in the Second Coming (e.g., Acts 24:15 and 1 Thessalonians 2:19). The Book of Mormon use of the term seems somewhat more broad, though closer analysis might show that the New Testament understanding is equally broad. In any case, the Book of Mormon speaks of hope for the restoration of Israel (e.g., 1 Nephi 19:24), hope for salvation (e.g., Alma 58:11), and hope for the glory of Christ (e.g., Jacob 4:4), which in context could refer either to the First or the Second Coming. I assume that an investigation of the various ways that the scriptures use the word hope would be profitable. But my interest here is in giving a brief phenomenology of hope rather than a scriptural account of it. My assumption is that if I succeed, what I say might help us hear the scriptural discussion of hope with new ears.

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