Editor's Note

Brian Birch


The formation of an academic journal is not an easy task and requires the good will, cooperation, and hard work of many different people. As we release the second printed issue, it is important that we acknowledge and express our appreciation to those who assisted in getting this project started. Element began as the brain-child of Dennis Potter, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Utah Valley State College, who, while a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame, created the journal in electronic form and edited the first issue. The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology owes him our thanks for not only his work in co-founding the Society, but for conceptualizing Element and bringing it into existence. The Journal would also like to thank Elaine E. Englehardt, David R. Keller and Bradley J. Cook from Utah Valley State College for their generous support. Finally, appreciation should be extended to the Executive Committee of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology for continued cooperation and support.

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