I am Among You as One that Serveth

Jennifer C. Lane


As a Latter-day Saint, I am convinced that the Restoration vision of women’s potential is a tremendous part of the rich doctrinal perspective of the Church. In fact, there are a number of points of doctrinal distinctiveness in LDS belief that underline the potential of women and frame this in an elevated level that runs counter to many assumptions of traditional Christianity. Rather than fully developing these doctrines, let me briefly list the highlights. I will then seek to explore the question of how to see these doctrines in a context of Christian discipleship.  

It is in the imitation of the servanthood of Christ and rejection of the value of worldly status and honor where LDS mothers stand as examples of the Christian message and the divine nature of Parental service. In this they can say to all of us as Paul said, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). While all may not have the privilege of having or serving children, there is no other way to follow Christ for any of us other than becoming God’s servant. Likewise, this is a choice that all can make, regardless of their life conditions. Being a servant in the imitation of Christ will always be a choice, not a circumstance. Those whose positions bring them status and the acclaim of the world have to find their own way to reject these motivations and consider themselves fools before God, becoming fools for Christ’s sake as they serve.

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