Becoming Divine or A Becoming Divine: Approaching the Divine Feminine in Mormonism Through Insights From Tibetan Buddhism

Sharon Adams


In order to articulate a more complex and well-rounded model for female becoming divine within Mormonism, and in an effort to better understand the nature of human potential and reaching toward divinity for both men and women, I turn to a tradition outside of the west, utilizing teachings from Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhist teachings provide insight for an avenue toward becoming divine that is reminiscent of the Aristotelian notion of becoming as progression, yet not according to the notion of progression in the conventional sense of the word. In the Buddhist model there is less of a building toward divinity, and more of a recognition of or a reliance upon the awareness of a divinity within. Incorporating insights from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as they relate to the divine feminine within Mormonism will help bring clarity concerning the human potential, not so much to use a model outside oneself in creating the appearance of a becoming divine, but instead to recognize and re-assert the significance of LDS doctrine concerning the divine nature of humankind; that is to recognize the absolute and inherent divinity within.

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